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We work with companies that are ambitious about embracing change and doing things differently. Whether you’re an international law firm or local town council, if you’re serious about using technology to improve the lives of your customers and your colleagues, then we’re serious about helping you make that a reality.

Anyone who has worked with T-Impact knows that there is nothing we won’t do to achieve success for our clients, and by success we mean measurable business outcomes. Contact us today to find out how.

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Local Government

Robotic Process Automation

Business Process Optimisation

Workflow & BPMS

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Human Resources

Customer Services

Cleansing and Migrating Data in Robotics

Compliance and Reporting in Robotics Use Case

Robotics in Revenues and Benefits

Robotics in New Case and File Opening

Robotics in New Case and File Opening

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Artificial Intelligence

RPA Data Migration

T-Impact Testimonials

Local Government: Service Efficiency

Legal: Data Cleansing

Local Government: Centre of Excellence

Healthcare: Digital Development

Legal: Case Opening

Local Government: Service Efficiency

Matthew Cain, Head of Digital And Data at London Borough of Hackney

Local Government: Centre of Excellence

Alan Patrickson, Head of Digital and Customer Services at Durham County Council

Healthcare: Digital Development

Aaron Powell, Chief Digital Officer at NHSBT


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Durham County Council

Piloting Projects and Developing a Centre of Excellence

Ashtons Legal Case Study

Cleasing data efficiently to reap massive financial benefits

London Borough of Hackney Case Study

Revolutionising Local Council performance using RPA

Mogers Drewett Case Study

Enhancing back-end operations to free key staff

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