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We believe that life is about change and progression. Technology is rapidly remoulding the world, along with every economy, market, and business within it. We want to play a key role in driving that change in a way that positively impacts businesses and the people they serve and employ.

That’s why we work with companies that are ambitious about embracing change and doing things differently. Whether you’re an international law firm or local town council, if you’re serious about using technology to improve the lives of your customers and your colleagues, then we’re serious about helping you make that a reality.

The same applies to our recruitment. While we value experience, we are far more interested in hiring people who are as driven as we are to do something remarkable. If you’re looking for a comfortable nine-till-five role then we’re not for you, but if you’re interested in harnessing technology to make a real impact on the world, then we’d love you to get in touch.

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Keith Stagner

My name’s Keith Stagner and I’m the CEO of T-Impact. I’ve been in the IT industry for three decades and in that time I’ve driven change in some of the largest organisations in the world.

People ask if I have always been so driven by the idea of change and progress. The truth is that growing up in the small town of Lynchburg, Virginia, with limited experience of the world, I only had very modest ambitions. I felt sure I would always be happy staying in that small community and living a simple and comfortable life, but that was all to change.

At twenty years of age I was shot in the back four times. I was still awake when they started operating to stop the internal bleeding, then spent a month in intensive care. It was only thanks to the incredible work of the medical team that I was kept alive. Lying in that hospital room surrounded by machines and cables, I think that was the first time that I appreciated the full power of technology when in the right human hands.

When I was discharged, I was a changed person. I felt like it was me against the world and I had limited time to achieve something with my life. As the years passed I became able to channel my anger and frustration more positively. My determination to show everyone that I wouldn’t be put down increased my drive, and I became obsessed with making the most of every opportunity. I have since travelled to over 80 countries, worked with dozens of businesses, large and small, and learnt how to drive change successfully in all cultures. The challenges are seldom due to technology.

Thirty years have passed but the impact of that experience (along with two of the bullets) remains with me to this day. I have become obsessed with positive transformation, for individuals, companies and society as a whole, and believe that technology holds the key for us to unlock that potential, and make the best impact on this world that we can.

Keith Stagner

CEO of T-Impact

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