Automation in Local Government

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In the first of this series of 3 webinars we join Lee Spraggon, Strategic Manager, Applications & Development Resources – Durham County Council who shares with us how:

They have used RPA to automate activities such as adult care, on-boarding new staff and rent increases.

They built an Automation Centre of Excellence, employing new resources to be able to continue with their automation journey within the council.

For information on the rest of the webinar series or to book onto one of the up coming events please visit the Local Government Automation Webinars June 2020 Page.

In webinar No 2 in this series, we hear from Linda Roberts, Assistant Director, Performance People & Innovation – Dacorum Borough Council who shares with us how they:

Used RPA to improve their single view of the customer in Information at Work through archived housing data, pictures and data from automated IT system emails.

Automated finance processing in importing invoices and coding utility bills.

Set-up a centralised RPA programme, laying the foundation to deliver RPA benefits quickly across all departments in the council.

Please join us for the last webinar in this series to hear from Oxford City Council about their RPA journey so far.  Register here: Local Government Automation Webinars June 2020 Page.


In the last of this series of 3 webinars, Rocco Labellarte – Chief Technology & Information Officer, Oxford City Council shared their RPA journey so far, discussing how the Council is:

Using RPA in inventive ways to enable replacement of legacy IT systems and the decommission of many expensive APIs

Developing a top-down benefits strategy that has quickly won sponsorship from the executive management teams and building change inertia with service directors.

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