Cleansing Data Efficiently to Reap Massive Financial Benefits

Legal Industry

Ashtons Legal is an East-Anglia based law firm that serves clients locally, nationally and internationally for a multitude of different legal services. Following the changes to GDPR regulation and due to a keen interest in ensuring all data was up-to-date, they approached T-Impact to develop a robotics solution that could cleanse and manage all internal business data.

The Challenge

The Legal industry has always resisted disruption, but Ashtons Legal had been exploring digital transformation solutions for some time to test robotics. Concerned about the cost of implementing a solution, they were looking for a license model that would allow them to build and scale future projects if required.

Ashtons Legal had already identified a number of business areas that they believed could be improved by robotic process automation, to improve productivity or remove bottlenecks. After much deliberation, they settled on an easy proof of concept, a data cleansing solution. This would allow Ashtons staff to see the benefits of robotics from the back-end, whilst not disrupting front-end operations.

Achieving the Vision

T-Impact worked with Ashtons Legal to create a Robotics solution specifically tailored to their requirements. The robot could scan every customer record across multiple IT systems and apply the correct validation procedure, rectifying and resolving any anomalies or duplications which were discovered.

Due to the rapidity and accuracy of the solution, a project which could have taken months and years could be achieved in a matter of weeks, resulting in massive cost savings.

During the trial period, Ashtons Legal discovered the discrepancies across their staff in terms of data input and could put measures in place to prevent data entry errors becoming an issue once more.

By building in an effective back-end solution that could help progress client matters more effectively, efficiently and accurately, Ashtons Legal secured a business-wide buy-in for future robotics projects.



  • T-Impact's subscription model provided a cost-effective way to test the waters
  • Rapid implementation resulted in cost savings in weeks


  • Significant improvements in accuracy and quality of data
  • Highlighted business input issue which could be rectified to prevent further issues arising

Business Development

  • Achieved company-wide buy-in for Robotics
  • Developed strong business case to drive future digital projects