London Borough of Hackney

Revolutionising Local Council Performance Using RPA

Local Government

London Borough of Hackney Council has always tried to put their residents first by providing as many services as possible in an electronic and digital format.

By allowing more technologically advanced individuals to access information in that way, they can free up staff and resources to assist those that are less digitally able. T-Impact helped implement a robotics solution to make this happen.


London Borough of Hackney Council understood that they could deliver better services at a lower cost by using digital solutions. Although they had already started to digitally transform their operations, they began to struggle with digitalising some services end-to-end. Rather than being able to improve their operations, they found themselves reliant on business applications that did not support full automation and were not designed for customer self-service.

They understood robotics could help them fulfil their business process and deliver a seamless service to their customers, whilst remaining agile and staying true to their founding principle of technology – putting users first. However, they needed a solution which could be implemented quickly and achieve the desire outcomes.

Achieving the Vision

T-Impact implemented Robotic Process Automation in a number of Local Government departments in the London Borough of Hackney. The benefits they encountered were immediate and significant. One task that previously took a person around five minutes would now take less than 30 seconds. Thanks to RPA, service efficiency was dramatically improved and staff could be freed from back-end administration to focus on front-of-house duties.

By taking this approach, processes could be evaluated quickly in order to deliver meaningful business benefits.



  • Massive improvements in back-end efficiency
  • Staff freed from administrative duties to focus on value-adding projects

Customer Services

  • Improved service accessibility by making resources available digitally
  • Agile solution implemented with no disruption to performance

Internal Development

  • Created compelling case to drive future digital transformation
  • Kickstarted internal audit of processes to explore further potential for RPA