Mogers Drewett Solicitors

Enhancing back-end operations to free key staff

Legal Industry


Mogers Drewett Solicitors are a high-end law firm who look after the affairs of affluent private clients and commercial companies that are undergoing mergers and acquisitions.

They wanted to digitally transform their back-end operations to take the focus off administrative duties, so they could return to practising and advising on the law.

The Challenge

With new firms entering the legal market and offering unique and different business models with increasing regularity, Mogers Drewett Solicitors needed to change their operations to be more efficient. As well as working quicker, they needed to provide their services in a more effective manner.

Mogers Drewett decided to focus on their file management process first. Initially, they considered the possibility of a specialist centralised file opening team, but there were cost concerns and human error meant that 100% accuracy could not be guaranteed.

After further consideration, they decided that a technological solution to streamline their file opening process was the answer. From the client information initially coming in, credit checks and duplicate checks, printing letters and emailing clients, every aspect would be automated.



Achieving the Vision

After assessing exactly what Mogers Drewett wanted from their digital solution and analysing all the costs involved with their current operations, T-Impact implemented a Robotic Process Automation solution which could manage the entire file procedure independently.

The Robotics solution could process data at a much faster speed and with absolutely no margin for error or duplication, which meant additional staff checks were no longer required.

Furthermore, the technology involved was able to extract data from external websites when required e.g. mortgage applications meaning that staff no longer needed to spend extra time gathering this information.

Finally, the cost of the central file opening team was reduced, giving Mogers Drewett more flexibility with their finances.



  • No margin for input error
  • Automatic checks for duplication


  • Reduced cost of file opening team
  • No need for additional staff to manage normal workflow


  • Staff freed from back-end administration
  • Time savings as external resource searches removed