NHS Blood Transport Service Case Study

Revolutionising Services to Save Lives


The NHS is an essential service to save and improve lives, but it has often been dealt a poor hand by underfunding from the Government and constant tinkering by politicians. 

This uncertainty did not help the NHS’ Blood and Transplant Service team who need to ensure the optimum conditions are in place for operations that literally are life-changing.  

Already burdened with an ageing IT system, NHSBT were looking for a delivery partner who could implement a strategic IT framework to accelerate value deliver to users and customers. 


The Challenge

The NHSBT needed a robust scalable platform to incorporate state-of-the-art business technologies and decisioning technology to help improve and facilitate the transplant services offered to patients. They needed to digitalise their services quickly and make them more accessible to all users, by creating a suite of IT services that could be hosted in the cloud, deployed at all times and were simple and user-friendly wherever possible.  

Impressed with T-Impact’s status as a long-standing IBM Business Partner, they selected them to help deliver transformational change through IBM BAW (Business Automation Workflow)* and IBM ODM (Operational Decision Management). 

* Previously called IBM Business Process Management (BPM)

The Solution

T-Impact designed and implemented a suite of process and decision automation tools to simplify the management of the transplant service. The solution, which uses a complex algorithm is able to match recipients and donors based on a stringent list of criteria and implements this within a streamlined process flow to alert patients and surgeons to ensure the operations can be completed as quickly as possible.  

Furthermore, by improving the efficiency of legacy workflows, T-Impact were able to deliver better patient outcomes. Targeted and responsive donor interactions resulted in a greater success rate for donor and recipient matching, which in turn resulted in timely, cost-effective processes and a better service for the public and patients alike. All of this means that T-Impact have helped create a solution which will help to continue revolutionising organ donation for future generations and try and ensure everyone has the best possible chance of finding a donor.  

NHSBT have continued to work with T-Impact to continuously refine this business services and both parties have benefitted hugely from their work.  

Benefits Delivered


  • More targeted responsive and personalised donor interactions
  • Greater success rate achieved for percentage of donor/recipient matches


  • Improved efficiency of legacy workflows to bring them up to date with new technologies
  • More timely and cost-effective processes created, enhancing public services


  • Integrated end-to-end processes with embedded satisfaction feedback
  • Increased effectiveness of pull/demand manufacturing processes for transplant surgery