Driving Innovation by Getting Company-Wide Buy-Ins


PCML Ltd. are a modern manufacturing company with seventeen sites and over one-hundred staff. Having always placed an importance on culture and shared ideals, the company wanted to approach digital transformation in the same way, ensuring everyone bought into the robotics project before implementation, to ensure no ill feelings were created.

The Challenge

PCML Ltd. had acquired three additional businesses during their digital transformation journey. They wanted to digitally enhance their operations to improve efficiency and minimise costs wherever possible, but they were concerned about people worrying about losing their jobs, or needing to take on additional staff to prevent bottlenecks and backlogs caused by the acquisitions.

In particular, invoices and financial management was seen as being a sticking point. This process was taking up valuable resources in time and manpower. As a result, PCML wanted a digital solution that could manage this work twenty-four seven, freeing up a work-life balance once again.

"T-Impact were excellent at dealing with the internal resistance that we encountered. They helped us to be open with people, collaborate with people, keep them informed of progress, reassure them, and hold their hand through the whole process to achieve a really successful digital transformation."

Achieving the Vision

T-Impact worked closely with PCML to implement a digital solution that was effective, whilst helping to quell levels of internal resistance. By communicating the benefits of robotics to staff members, they were able to achieve the necessary buy-ins and co-operation to implement the project swiftly, leading to significant cost and resource benefits. By deploying robotics in PI invoice matching, PCML were able to manage the data for four companies with half a person’s time. This led to savings of up to ten hours a week, freeing staff up who previously had to work unsociable hours. The automated solution also increased productivity due to it operating twenty-four seven and overall, PCML saw significant profit increases as a result.



  • RPA solution eliminated need for further hiring
  • Increased productivity led to significant profit for PCML


  • Manpower freed up in invoice, saving ten hours of time
  • Staff assured of their role and empowered due to freedom from administration

Business Development

  • Company-wide buy-in achieved for digital transformation
  • Work-life balance restored for senior staff members