Post Office Ltd Case Study

Driving Efficiency and Value for Money


Post Office’s strategy is to deliver sustainable savings for highly manual and paper-based Processes as part of a multi-year transformation programme to increase efficiency, effectiveness and economy of existing operations. Increased visibility and control of back-office support Processes will enable Post Office to eliminate costly delays, deliver increased Value for Money and investigate the suitability of an end-to-end Workflow solution.

The Challenge

T-Impact delivered a Value Optimisation Report, outlining business justification for a proposed Workflow solution (including the cost of running current process, assessment of current efficiency levels and financial quantification of benefit to be derived with recommended improvements as well as quantification of % efficiency uplift).

"T-Impact provided a focused and impactful review of the Network Transformation programme and identified process efficiency improvements of up to 40%. They worked exceptionally hard under tight deadlines to provide a clear understanding of where and how improvements could be made."

The Solution

To achieve Post Office’s vision to deliver increased Value for Money, T-Impact completed a thirty-day fixed-price project to confirm the cost of running the current Process and assess current efficiency levels and potential opportunities for efficiency uplift. Findings were presented in a structured report to management, alongside identified cost saving and Process improvement opportunities and full business justification for a Workflow solution.

Increased Process Visibility is enabling Post Office to simplify Processes, eliminate waste and remove cost quickly and easily. As a result, Post Office have reduced the risk of running operations with limited controls and increased effectiveness.

By thoroughly understanding the end-to-end Customer Journey and supporting Processes, Post Office can improve the Customer Experience and explore ways in which to deliver sustainable cost reduction and prioritise investment.

Benefits Delivered

Customer Experience

  • Clear visibility of end-to-end Customer Journey and all risk control points
  • Business justification for improvement based on business case

Business Process Development

  • Detailed list of process improvement opportunities with next steps
  • Overview of findings and analysis of results following completion of study

Project Management

  • Quantified cost of running the current programme with efficiency assessment
  • Clear plan defined with success criteria and deliverables