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T-Impact work with ambitious organisations seeking to drive change and achieve rapid ROI through digital transformation, and HR teams in forward-thinking companies are already utilising this.

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Reduced Operational Costs

Minimising Staff Attrition

Improve Morale

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To learn about our robotics subscription model of for more information on how our robots can help transform your organisation’s HR, recruitment and staff on-boarding, speak with one of our experts today. 


Robotics in HR has two key uses – recruitment and staff onboarding. Both of these aspects are essential to ensure your business is supplied with the best quality staff who understand their roles.

Recruitment has always been a time-consuming exercise for companies – you are required to identify candidates, shortlist them and then establish and maintain levels of communication to build confidence in your brand. Robotics and AI can help with the sophisticated process of matching skills and experience to relevant roles. This is especially important for managing communication in short-turn-around recruitment roles, such as day labour. 

For staff on-boarding, it is the last chance to impress your brand upon a new employee. As they will begin forming an opinion of your firm at first contact, by the second day of work it is impossible to change any pre-determined impression.


Robotics can automate this process to ensure smooth and efficient engagement. They can send pre-determined texts, interrogate responses to check for the necessary skills and inform recruiters to engage in conversations. As the recruiters are only dealing with the select candidates, you can ensure a faster response to your customers to confirm contracts, creating the potential for more roles in the future. You also benefit from reduced operational costs, by automating an otherwise highly manual work process. 

Recruitment and on-boarding is an expensive process and the biggest cost is staff. Robotics can automate much of this on-boarding process. By building workflow into robotics as soon as employee contracts are signed, the RPA can detect and act upon it immediately. By investigating job roles, the robot can send out emails to remind people of their actions. Furthermore, it can set up accounts automatically and create a checklist to keep track of all tasks, sending reminders and escalating when required. After the checklist is complete, the robot can send a welcome letter to the new employee, either by post or email. 

The most important benefit of successful customer onboarding is that staff are more committed to your organisation and will, therefore, be less inclined to move on. Reduced staff attrition results in lower recruitment costs, higher morale, and a far more efficient organisation.