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Marketing and Selling Your Product


Sales and marketing departments in any business are important for finding business leads, attracting customers, and generating revenue. However, many employees in these departments are weighed down by manual, repetitive tasks that demand a lot of time and effort, preventing them from focusing on their real job—marketing and selling their product.

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Behind each business lead or sale is a string of manual, time-consuming, and error-prone processes. Some of them may include:

  • Monitoring and adjusting prices. Sales and marketing teams have to keep an eye on competitors’ prices. Changes in competitors’ prices could mean drastic changes in sales, and it might also require a price adjustment. However, obtaining real-time market information is time-consuming and also difficult, as there will likely be a time lag.
  • Tracking events and new competitors. It is important to be informed about new entrants to the market, future events, and marketing campaigns. Like monitoring and adjusting prices, the large volume of information online is difficult to keep track of, and it is easy for useful information to get drowned out.
  • Overseeing CRM (customer relationship management).Sales and marketing teams need to manage customer contact information, such as name, email, phone number, and so on. Though CRM is essential, updating it is tedious and error-prone, not to mention time-consuming.
  • Watching client accounts.Often, sales and marketing teams need to monitor client account subscriptions and payments and follow up with customers when needed. However, this is monotonous, and some accounts may go by unnoticed.
  • Monitoring social media.Especially for marketing, governing multiple social media accounts and tracking metrics is a stressful time commitment.
  • Processing sales orders. Whether digital or paper, orders need to be processed, verified, and uploaded onto ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. This process can be slow and tedious, and human error is inevitable.
  • Forecasting and reporting.Sales and marketing teams need to report on the current market situation and forecast future conditions. This requires processing and analyzing large volumes of data in order to make a grounded forecast.


Marketing Automation

Our robots can be trained to carry out a variety of marketing automation processes including data integration between systems, monitoring of statistics and manual tasks such as market research and CRM updates. Here’s some examples of how T-Impact can help automate your marketing processes:-

  • Data integration from key business systems e.g ERP or E-commerce Systems into your CRM system.
  • Create a reporting dashboard to provide live, real time data for your marketing team to analyse.
  • Track and analyse statistics in one single dashboard allowing you to tweak your marketing efforts accordingly.
  • Track competitor performance.

Sales Automation

Save time for your sales team by transforming your sales processes using RPA.  Our digital workers can help with:-

  • Live chat bot, monitoring your live chat and providing information on request.
  • Monitor incoming emails and provide notifications to your sales team based on your business rules.
  • Perform automated credit checks to on board new clients or customers.
  • Validate and assign incoming digital paperwork into your existing business systems.
  • Perform automatic updates in your CRM system based on varying stages in your sales process.
  • Create sales automation workflows for email updates to customers.
  • Research potential customers and allocate them to the sales team.
  • Automate the production of sales quotations.
  • Automate Sales Order Processing