Slide Benefits Reporting & Continuous Improvement

Benefits Reporting & Continuous Improvement

Benefits reporting and continuous improvement – use the data generated by Intelligent Automated solutions to report benefits and identify further improvements.

You sponsored Intelligent Automation project(s) to free capacityimprove customer service and improve margins. You know the project was delivered on time but how do you know if you realising the expected benefits? 

Measure tangible benefits as they are accrued 

T-Impact’s benefit reporting dashboard uses data generated from our Intelligent Automation tools (Chatbots, RPA, AI & Workflow) to track and calculate benefits as realised.  

Our configurable solution can report Labour savings, Cost avoidance & New revenue benefits. Labour savings is generally based on the cost of work prior to automation multiplied by transaction volumes. 

Metrics that help you support intangible benefits 

Benefits such as customer satisfaction, improved decision making, enhanced brand recognition or increased agility can be hard to quantify on a transactional level. We provide metrics to help you substantiate these less tangible benefits and support additional data analysis to quantify from other sources. Examples include: such as volumes, human processing time & automated processing time. 

Continuous improvement insights 

Drill down into the exception to see the types of transactions that are being handed back to staff because business rules couldn’t be defined during implementation. Identify the exception types you want to address and our technical team will extract further data from our process insights log, proposing rules that could increase throughput and benefits. 

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Key features of our benefit reporting & continuous improvement dashboard include: 

  • Built on Microsoft PowerBI, you probably already have the licences you need 
  • Uses “Process insights & diagnostics log” produced as part of the T-Impact Intelligent Automation development framework 
  • Configurable & parameterised benefit calculations 
  • Includes predefined benefit calculation methods 
  • Supports any time range, report by week, month or date range 
  • Supports “drill down” detail Flexible dashboard, allowing you to  
  • Can be configured to use a Range of Attractive Visualizations 
  • Drill down/Drill up hierarchies 
  • Process exception insights, support continuous improvement analysis 
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What prior knowledge is required from our teams?


None, we’ll handle the entire implementation and set-up process. We’ll ensure that everyone who needs to understand how to set up processes can do so, so you don’t run into any issues if you lose staff members.  



We love a challenge! Tell us what you want to achieve – 

we will help you design a solution. 

“T-Impact provided on-site expertise that helped facilitate the design and build of our process repository, taxonomy and standards; knowledge and understanding was effectively transferred to our own teams, enabling in-house capability to be established quickly.”

BarclayCard, Head of Change