Business Monitoring & Optimisation


Business Monitoring & Optimisation

Most firms have a small army of managers, supervisors and team leaders gathering data from staff and then interpreting it and preparing reports. This is then supplemented with often conflicting reports from any number of IT systems, each of which have a different interpretation of the data. The business reporting and data warehousing industry was created to address this but often just adds another layer of confusion to the mix. You learn to interpret and guess what is really happening, but are never sure.

If any of this sounds familiar, speak with one of our experts to discuss how we can help you monitor & improve the performance of your business.

How can Business Monitoring help your business?

Continuous improvement thought leader W. Edwards Deming, was famously quoted “In God we trust, all others must bring data.”. If you can not measure your business, how are you managing it?

We live in an age of ever-accelerating change. Every private and public industry is facing the risk of massive disruption, often from unforeseen competitors. How will you ensure your business is relevant next year, let alone 3 years from now?

Continuous improvement is no longer enough, you need to be prepared to re-invent your business entirely. Digital Transformation is the new norm and to understand what you should transform and what this might achieve, you need an accurate measurement of your business performance.

T-Impact can implement your real-time Cloud Dashboard within weeks, offering powerful features that can help you monitor your operations effectively, even when they are performed remotely. 

What Business Process Optimisation options are available?

T-Impact Cloud Dashboard

The T-Impact Cloud Dashboard is the only tool you need to monitor the Key Performance Indicators that determine performance of your business.    

Built on RPA technology, our Cloud dashboard gives you both headline performance statistics and the ability to drill down into the detail.

Data is near real-time and because it is stored on our secure Microsoft Azure environment, it you can access it from any device, including your smart phone.

Insights Support

If you want to go beyond monitoring and start optimising your business, then you need is T-Impact’s Insights Support, a host of premium features that help you maintain and enhance your organisation.  

Built on your T-Impact Cloud Dashboard, Insight Support continuously monitors your business performance, proactively notifying your managers when agreed KPI’s are not met, so they can investigate and take remedial action before your customers are affected.

Fully Managed Optimisation 

For those firms that want total assurance, we offer this bespoke premium package where we partner with your existing management team to proactively investigate and address deviations in your business performance. 

T-Impact’s expert consultants will act on the Insight Support notifications, using our advanced statistical analysis tools to investigate the root cause and work with your team to define short term mitigation and controls to prevent re-occurrence.

What we do differently

Any reporting which starts by focusing on the data you have is destined to failure. We start by focusing on the outcomes you want to measure, then apply disciplines from our Digital Business Architecture approach to identify where the data resides and how to interpret it within the context of how your business works.

We can then design the dashboards that truly represent the way your business works. Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), technology, we are able to extract data from your existing IT systems without changing them. We don’t even need new interfaces or API’s.

This approach also enables us to quickly identify opportunities to optimise your business operations and embed measurement into your value streams.

The benefits of T-Impact’s Business Process Optimisation service 

Every business has different reasons to undergo business process optimisation, and see different advantages in doing so, but three of the most common benefits are: 

Increase Agility 

Continuously Delight Customers

Operational Excellence

Increased Efficiency


Have confidence you can monitor the effectiveness of your continuous improvement initiatives and respond quickly if you aren’t obtaining desired results.

Adapt to changes faster than competitors, gaining a genuine competitive edge, and acquire the ability to incorporate new business models when contemplating future business development. 

Monitor the value streams and key interactions which either delight or frustrate your customers.

Ensure any deviation from expected KPI’s are highlighted and dealt with quickly.

Forecast risks to the value chain across your organisation and empower your team to act on them quickly.

Ensure your customers are not impacted by the supplier or internal issues by allocating staff to resolve problems early.

Business monitoring and optimisation will help your organisation identify wastage and bottlenecks and streamline processes to reduce costs and maximise output.

Measure the key performance indicators (KPIs) important to your business, compare performance over time for trend analysis to establish the direction you want to go in.

You can compare performances across your industry and sectors to see how you stack up to competitors.

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Can robotics only work in physical environments?

A. No, T-Impact robotics can be deployed in physical locations (‘on premises’) and also in virtual locations (‘on the cloud’).

What knowledge is required?

No existing knowledge is required as we’ll handle the entire implementation and set-up process. We’ll ensure that everyone who needs to understand how to set up processes can do so, so you don’t run into any issues if you lose staff members.  

How will the technology integrate?

A. RPA is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing I.T. solutions, rather than replace them. You won’t find any additional expensive costs here.

What is the expected ROI?

Although this is dependent on your organisation’s use for robotics and every single business case is difference, we expect to see ROIs quickly. For example in a £10,000 initial investment, previous results have yielded a 75% ROI by the 3rd month and 180% ROI within nine months. 

How quickly can we move on this?

Robotics solutions can be implemented through the subscription model in a matter of days. Unlike time and material projects which require much more rigorous planning and development, our robotics can be rolled up swiftly to start benefitting you as quickly as possible.

Is support and hosting included?

You are provided with daily access to robotics experts who can help resolve any issues you may encounter. You can discuss your exact support requirements when placing your order. Hosting is not included within the RPA package. 

Do I have to buy an Orchestrator robot?

You can purchase RPAaaS subscriptions without buying an Orchestrator license. If you choose not to buy an Orchestrator, you won’t incur any additional charges.

Other suppliers offer an Orchestrator robot for much higher costs. Why is yours better value?

We’re partnered with UiPath to offer ‘Sarah’, our Orchestrator robot who is utilised by multiple T-Impact customers. As well as being the only company to offer this product, our customers also benefit from the 70% reduction in costs as a result! 

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