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Business Process Management Systems

Work flows across your organisation and is impacted by your suppliers, staff and technology.  It can be hard to even visualise your business processes, let alone re-engineer them.

Intelligent Business Process Management Suites (iBPMS) technology is designed to help you do exactly that. (iBPMS) manage the flow of work across your organisation They sit between your staff and your IT systems, managing how work is allocated, monitored and reported. 

T-Impact have been using iBPMS technologies to improve organisations’ work flow for more than a decade. Through our highly consultative service, we’ll help you automate the work flow across your organisation, identifying key areas where iBPMS technology can deliver real and lasting benefit to your business.  Once we’ve identified the best possible solution for your requirement, we’ll work with you to deploy that solution using the incremental delivery approach that enables us to operate in a highly agile and responsive manner. 


Reduce Operation Cost

Enhance your resource utilisation by deploying intelligent technology. 

Minimise the risk to your business by developing a clear use case to prove the model quickly before scaling. 

Maximise Efficiency

Minimise bottlenecks by deploying a scalable, repeatable process that can be adjusted as demand dictates. 

Eliminate manual work-arounds in Excel and email and minimise the use of spreadsheets by digitalising and compartmentalising key data. 

Implement an agile delivery approach, to improve your speed and responsiveness.

Transform your Business

Improve your customer experience by ensuring processes are aligned and built around the needs of the customer. 

Embed a best practise change management model at the heart of your project to ensure you win hearts and minds. 

Benefit from an entirely bespoke solution, modelled to your exact requirements. 


  • iBPMS ensures that transactions are processed correctly by your IT Systems and that they never get out of alignment.  
  • They also help your staff ensure that no transactions are missed, even when there are long delays waiting for customers, regulatory “cool off” periods or supplier responses. 
  • it complements your existing IT systems, automating & controlling activities normally performed by your staff as part of your business process(es).  
  • iBPMS is the most powerful technology for managing complex work flows across your business.  To achieve full benefits, the organisations involved must change the way they work and use new tools, whilst gaining access to the IT resources, who can build interfaces to your existing IT systems.  
  • iBPMS has messaging and data analytics capability which helps users make reliable decisions based on data.