Slide Business Process Redesign

Business Process Re-Design

Improve customer service, empower staff and reduce costs. Ensure investments will achieve your balanced scorecard objectives

Customers aren’t satisfied with the service and you believe costs can be reduced. When you speak to stakeholders & staff, there are lots of opinions about how to improve the service but there is no evidence that these changes will resolve the problems.  Investing in more technology or changes is risky, as you can’t be certain they will improve service, reduce costs and improve staff working conditions.

To gain staff consensus, improvements must be based on evidence they understand and believe in.  Improvements need to consider all key aspects of your operating model, process activities, staff responsibilities and supporting technology.



We use streamlined six sigma techniques, supported with process analysis tools, to redesign your processes across 4 Playbacks.

Your team endorses the work and provides the data, building buy-in throughout.

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Improve services and process efficiency

Redesign your customer journey considering the needs of Customers, Business & Process.

Gain objective insights into how your customers feel their needs are met and if their “moments of truth” outcomes are met.

Resolve defects identified by both customers and staff, redesigning the process to prevent defects and failure demand.

Remove non-value activities and waste, identified through value stream mapping.

Clarify roles & responsibilities across the process, ensuring smooth handoffs and clear accountability.

Identify where process activities can be automated, with your existing technology or Intelligent Automation.

Determine cost and benefit before implementing changes

Evidence-based analysis enables you to prioritise process improvement solutions and gain staff buy-in

Calculate accurate operating costs using ABC (activity-based-costing).

Identify (1) operating costs reductions, (2) cost avoidance and (3) new revenue benefits for each solution.

Assess benefits & costs to determine ROI (return-on-investment), across 12 and 36 month amortised periods. We include an analysis of important that can’t be expressed as financial benefits.

Implementation roadmaps outline the key activities and dependencies.

Make better use of your staff

Staffing is a significant portion of your operating cost. Retain and make best use of your workforce

Eliminate low-value work, inefficiencies and staff frustrations to create a more dynamic work environment and improve staff morale & job satisfaction.

The improved work environment can make a significant contribution to staff retention and reduce staff turnover.

Freeing staff from low-value repetitive activities creates capacity for them to focus on your customers, service improvements and other high value activities.


T-Impact’s iterative business process redesign allows us gain consensus at each sprint Playback, building staff & stakeholder support through:

  • Clear objectives and KPI’s, defined using a balanced scorecard approach
  • Buy-in and consensus on the current customer journey, process milestones, activities and handoffs
  • Insights from Customer, Business & Process perspectives (voices) pinpointing the barriers and defects preventing you from achieving your goals
  • Insights into customer priorities, the “moments of truth” activities which delight or frustrate them
  • Process Mining tools to automate process modelling, compliance assessment and benefit calculations
  • Process analysis tools to capture metadata for Lean Six Sigma analysis
  • Identify waste and opportunities to streamline process with Value stream mapping
  • Baselined operating costs, using ABC (activity based costing)
  • Design solutions to resolve defects, remove waste
  • Calculate solution TCO (Total cost of Ownership), including implementation, licences, change management, infrastructure & support
  • Identify opportunities to automate remaining actions, considering (1) quick wins, (2) existing technology enhancements and (3) new technology, e.g. Intelligent Automation (Chatbots, RPA, AI)
  • Design future customer journey, ensuring that the balanced scorecard objectives are met & defects are resolved
  • Calculate value of additional high-value work your staff can perform once process is streamlined & automated
  • Cost benefit and ROI analysis for each set of improvements, enabling you to make decisions based on evidence

Implementation plan summarising the solution in iterations considering benefits, likely suppliers, durations & dependencies.

What is the expected ROI?


Although this is dependent on your organisations use for robotics and every single business case is difference, we expect to see ROIs quickly. For example in a £10,000 initial investment, previous results have yielded a 75% ROI by the 3rd month and 180% ROI within nine months. 



We love a challenge! Tell us what you want to achieve – 

we will help you design a solution. 

“T-Impact brought the knowledge of the technology, the expertise in how to make it work effectively… to enable us to integrate it with our existing capabilities and our existing tool-sets and really provide a seamless experience for our staff.”

NHS BT, Chief Digital Officer