Slide Business Process Redesign

Improve customer service, empower staff and reduce costs. Ensure investments will achieve your balanced scorecard objectives

You know waste & defects in your business processes increase costs and degrade customer service. How do you get front line staff and stakeholders to agree what changes are needed and what benefits they will deliver?  

We define solutions to improve customer service, empower staff and eliminate waste & defects. Return-on-investment analysis helps prioritise and gain consensus across your team.  



The T-Impact approach builds staff and stakeholder support for the proposed changes, with a clear focus on business outcomes. The model provides clarity across the end-to-end view, process – defining milestones for performance management and tracking. 

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Process improvement tools are continually evolving. The latest Process Mining tools automate much of the Business Process Mapping, Analysis and Improvement work, autogenerating Intelligent Automation code. 

What is the expected ROI?


Although this is dependent on your organisations use for robotics and every single business case is difference, we expect to see ROIs quickly. For example in a £10,000 initial investment, previous results have yielded a 75% ROI by the 3rd month and 180% ROI within nine months. 



We love a challenge! Tell us what you want to achieve – 

we will help you design a solution. 

“T-Impact brought the knowledge of the technology, the expertise in how to make it work effectively… to enable us to integrate it with our existing capabilities and our existing tool-sets and really provide a seamless experience for our staff.”

NHS BT, Chief Digital Officer