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What is Business Architecture?

Business architecture is a means of modelling your business, so a number of complex and interacting systems can be visualised and understood.

We often use house construction as an example. If you have ever had a home built, you realise there are several systems, such as electrics, water & waste that must be designed before any construction begins. Each requires specialist knowledge and a change to one can affect each of the others. To ensure everyone has a common understanding, these systems are modelled on a series of blue prints.

If you decided to introduce a new solar panel heating system into your home, you would need to consider the impact on existing systems, such as water & electrics. There might be unanticipated consequences or opportunities to gain much greater benefit for small additional investment.

If you decided to introduce new technology into your business, you need to consider the impact to your existing systems, and the potential for additional benefit. This is why incremental change often delivers results but large IT projects fail so often. The impacts to the business are not understood and are hard to visualise without a Digital Business Architecture.

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Who needs Digital Business Architecture?  

In simple terms, everyone. There is not a sector worldwide that cannot benefit from a smarter rationalisation and automation of business processes, but some of the clients that we have seen success with include major banks, The Post Office and The NHS Blood and Transplant Services.

Gain agreement on outcomes

Help your team define what is possible and challenge traditional thinking. Define how we will measure what “good looks like” when your Digital transformation project is complete.

Model your existing Architecture

We work with your team to model four key systems in the part of your business you want to improve. In particular, we look for “quick win” opportunities that exceed the investment required.

• Value Stream Analysis – The activities and key decisions your staff perform today to deliver value to your customer or internal stakeholders.

• Organisation Capability – Staff responsibilities, skills and capacity, as compared to the value stream model.

• Performance Reporting – How value is measured and reported across your organisation, as compared to the value stream model.

• Technology Services & Data Flows – How data flows across your organisation and what technology is used to store it, as compared to the value stream model.

Future Business Architecture & Road map

Once we have an accurate model of your existing business, we can guide your team through the changes required in the future Business Architecture. Using our specialist tools, we can quickly quantify the expected outcomes and agree these with your team.

Using the current and future Business Architecture, we define the roadmap and implementation plan to deliver both Business Architecture and the Digital Technology to support it. This includes a Return-on-Investment (ROI) analysis, quantifying the benefits in relation to the investment required to achieve it.

Our deep insight into technologies that compliment rather than replace your existing IT assets, ensures you an optimal return on any investment and minimum internal friction.

Digital Business Architecture and T-Impact

Digital Transformation requires new thinking and a new business model. Our Digital Transformation specialists help your team understand what can be achieved with the latest technology. We work collaboratively with your team define your future business architecture, metrics used to measure success and a roadmap for implement both business and technology changes.

Speak with one of our experts to discuss examples from within your industry of how companies are using Digital Business Architecture to improve customer experience, reduce costs and increase profitability. 

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How quickly can you implement a business architecture project?

Our solutions can be implemented within weeks. We are all about moving fast and delivering concrete ROI.

Do you have additional training offerings?

Yes, our Blueworks programme can help you deliver additional training programmes. 

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