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Whether you’re enforcing your transformation with automated processes or freeing staff for more valuable work, Intelligent Automation delivers quick and predictable returns.

When paired with process mining, you can quickly identify opportunities to improve & personalise services, while reducing costs.

Your staff are your most valuable and most expensive assets. Are you using them to the best of their ability? Whether customers contact you via traditional or digital channels the services are fulfilled by your staff accessing one or many IT systems. Other than a few self serve portals, this was your only choice until recently.

Digital automation can perform the work traditionally performed by staff. Automating the low value work frees capacity for your transformation programmes.

Chatbots can determine what service the customer requires and trigger robots to deliver them. AI can be used as part of the service fulfilment, dealing with unstructured data and making decision based on data trends.

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Answer common questions & identify services to fulfill




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Fulfill services requested by Chatbot & other channels




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Send decisions to Robots, Customers or Staff

Hyper-automation and intelligent automation are the fastest growing technologies and supplier claims can be confusing.

We can help you cut through the confusion and design a solution that integrates these technologies into a seamless customer/patient journey delivering exceptional results.

Reduce your risk, impress your stakeholders and demonstrate success!

  • T-Impact are intelligent automation specialists, not technology generalists. Our staff work on intelligent automation solutions all day, every day.
  • We can help you realise your vision, eliminate delivery, benefits and change adoption risks.
  • We build your solution in 4 to 8 weeks and usually require only a few days effort from your operational & technology staff.
  • We have 15+ years’ experience automating processes and can share the “success stories” and “war stories” to build support with your stakeholders.
  • Our agile approach delivers quick wins to build confidence in the new technology and provides the financial analysis to secure programme funding.
  • Our customer testimonials and case studies speak for themselves. Our fail early approach identifies risks early, resolving them before deployment.

What are the different types of AI?


AI is commonly categorised as (1) Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI). Sometimes referred to as Weak AI, ANI specializes in one area. (2) Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Sometimes referred to as Strong AI, or Human-Level AI, AGI refers to a computer that is as smart as a human across the board. (3) Artificial Superintelligence (ASI), an intellect smarter than the best human brains in practically every field.



We love a challenge! Tell us what you want to achieve – 

we will help you design a solution. 


“When we undertook our first steps in robotic process automation, T-Impact provided the guidance and support we needed to successfully deliver a number of pilot projects and help set up our production environment. We now have a pipeline of work that is growing all the time, thanks to the positive outcomes we achieved together.”

Oxford City Council, Chief Technology & Information Officer