Introducing Our Robots

January 02, 2019 | Robotics


Good morning and a Happy New Year to all our readers. T-Impact are back in 2019 with a brand new website and we’re looking forward to lighting the way for more successful digital transformations and robotics implementations across the globe.

When developing our new site that our old website never answered one important question. Have you met our robotics team yet?

If you’ve been following our social media, you’ll know we introduced Dolores, Hector, Sarah, and Alan last autumn. These helpful bots might look like androids, but don’t be fooled, these are software robots capable of operating on location, or alternatively on a virtual platform such as the ‘cloud’.

But, then we realised that even if you’ve started to see our robots popping up across the site, or on our social channels, you don’t know our robots very well! That’s why we’ve produced this short introduction to the key aspects of each one of our robot solutions and give you a brief overview of what they are best at.  We’ve also included a small bio on our robots to help you get to know them better!



  • Small processes
  • Operates on ‘cloud’ or on premises
  • Includes UiPath attended license

Dolores is keen and eager to work with humans to alleviate their issues and tackle their problems. Although she needs a little bit of guidance to get started, she quickly gets going and will always perform at top level!



  • Medium processes
  • Operates on ‘cloud’ or on premises
  • Includes UiPath unattended license
  • Works best with orchestrator

By far the least social of our robots, Hector would rather just stick at a task and plow through it than interact with the human workforce like Dolores. Just not a fan of socialising! He works best when he has an orchestrator robot, like Sarah monitoring his progress, recording the benefits achieved and organising his workflow.



  • T-Impact Exclusive UK Cloud Orchestrator
  • Includes UIPath Orchestrator, Microsoft Azure, Elastic Search, and Kibana dashboards
  • 24 monitoring and performance

The organiser of the team, Sarah is the master manipulator. She co-ordinates the Hectors to make sure they are delivering great results twenty-four-seven. Furthermore, due to remote control access, Sarah can communicate these to you wherever you are. Her key capabilities include auto-queue management, monitoring, logging, auto-provision, visual analytics, web-based control centre, and deployment.



  • UIPath RPA
  • Microsoft AI Vision Handwriting Analysis

Armed with his quill and ink, Alan loves to read. He’s at his happiest when he can translate documents into digital text, whether they are handwritten scribbles or extracts from an image. With a huge artificial brain, he’s exclusive to the T-Impact line of robotics and combines two cutting-edge technologies together to perform one essential role.

If you want to find out more about what our robotics services can do for you, then check out our subscription model and robotic process automation pages to discover exactly how bots can benefit your sector.

T-Impact hopes everyone had a fantastic holiday and a Happy New Year. Keep checking back on our blog for the latest tips, hints, and information about digital transformation, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence. 

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