LawNet 2018 – Congratulations!

November 29, 2018 | Robotics

T-Impact Lawnet Event


Image (L-R):

Chris Marston (LawNet), Greg Humphreys (Gardner Leader LLP), Keith Stagner (T-Impact Ltd –  Sponsors), Robert Jobson, Derek Rodgers, Fiona Curnow, Michelle Di Gioia, Nicola Weeks (all Gardner Leader LLP), Helen Hamilton-Shaw (LawNet)

Last week, T-Impact had the pleasure of presenting the LawNet Enterprise Award to Gardner Leader LLP at the 2018 Lawnet Annual Conference and Awards Evening Gala at the Hinckley Island hotel in Leicester.

The event, aptly themed around ‘change’ was a chance for our team to network and discuss robotic process automation with leading legal firms from across Britain. We were delighted that so many firms had already begun to consider the possibilities of using RPA to automate manual processes that have previously sapped away precious time from lawyers and legal administrative teams.

For those legal firms who had previously not been aware of the potential of automation, we hope that talking to us helped to educate you on what robotics can do for your law firm, and T-Impact very much hope you’ll choose us as your optimum choice for delivering your next RPA project. We were the first provider to offer RPA on a subscription model, which has helped make the processes affordable for a wider market and we are committed to helping law firms embrace digital transformation with minimised risks, allowing them to maximise capacity, improve quality benchmarking and build a strong business case using RPA.

Furthermore, thanks to easy integration and fast installation, law firms can rapidly benefit from a significant ROI, helping pave the way for future automation opportunities.

The main centre-piece of the evening’s event was the LawNet 2018 Awards and T-Impact would like to congratulate every single nominee and winner, from what was a fantastic evening.

A full list of awards, and winners is below:


Best Business Development and Marketing: Ashtons Legal

Best Community Contribution: Gamblins Law Ltd.

Outstanding Individual Contribution: Neil Lloyd (FBC Manby Bowdler LLP)

Team of the Year: Verisona Law (Historic Abuse)

The Enterprise Award: Gardner Leader LLP

Excellence in Client Care: VWV

Young Lawyer of the Year: Mark Meleady (Tozers Solicitors LLP)

Law Firm of the Year: MBM Commercial LLP


We would like to once more congratulate all award winners from the event, as well as Chris Marston and Helen Hamilton-Shaw for hosting such an excellent event and we look forward to being part of their 2019 Conference next year.




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