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Designed around our customers’ requests, our offers have something for everyone.

Fixed price delivery  

Pay for deliverables as received. We take full accountability for the project, detailing the tasks your team need to perform up front.  

Centre of Excellence 

Build your internal capability, with training plans, mentoring and assets that ensure your staff have the skills, experience and confidence to deliver. 

IA App Exchange 

Reuse solutions built by peers in your industry.  Allow T-Impact to resell solutions we built to earn service credits.                                                                 

Bundled offers 

A one stop shop for your pre-built Intelligent Automation solutions

Learn more about our current bundled offers here

Bulk purchasing  

Get some serious discounts for bulk buying 20+ Intelligent Automation projects. We also offer a range of Community Benefits for larger engagements.                           

Data Migration Pilot Project 

This RPA pilot programme will demonstrate the value of RPA to your organisation as well as help support the creation of a business case for further RPA solutions – a low cost, low risk entry to Intelligent Automation.

Capability Sustainability

We provide the technical assurance and documentation reviews, with the support you need to keep your business running if your Intelligent Automation staff aren’t available. 

Project augmentation 

The specialist resources you need, when you need them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

What return on investment (ROI) will I get from Intelligent automation? 


We can help you reduce your risks by calculating the benefits and costs before you start implementation. well defined Intelligent Automation project will usually achieve break even 3 months after deployment and 200%+ ROI each year thereafter.



We love a challenge! Tell us what you want to achieve – 

we will help you design a solution. 

“T-Impact were excellent at dealing with the internal resistance that we encountered. They helped us to be open with people, collaborate with people, keep them informed of progress, reassure them, and hold their hand through the whole process to achieve a really successful digital transformation.”

PCML, Founder & CEO