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We want to give you honest advice on how to get your Digital Transformation journey started and deliver real business value.  With over 15 years as experts in our field, we have a wealth of resources for you to tap into.

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T-Impact have worked within the public and commercial sectors, regional, national and multi-national organisations across the globe to implement excellence in RPA, BPMS, AI and Automation solutions garnering a wealth of experience, business cases and knowledge in doing so.

Below, you can explore our most detailed RPA case studies, looking at RPA use cases, all the way from identifying the problem to implementing the solution. You can also view written and video testimonials from some of our clients.

What experience do we need to build an RPA solution?


No existing knowledge is required as we’ll handle the entire implementation and set-up process. We’ll ensure that everyone who needs to understand how to set up processes can do so, so you don’t run into any issues if you lose staff members.  



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“I’ve found the T-Impact team to be very supportive, especially the half-hour drop-in sessions that provide skills and knowledge transfer. The T-Impact team are helpful and knowledgeable, they obviously know the products we are working with and are very keen to support NHSBT staff.”

NHS BT, Scrum Master