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February 2022

How a UK council improved efficiency with net benefits reaching over £500,000 savings in 5 years, using RPA and Information@Work.

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April 2022

Learn how RPA helped staff alleviate pressures from dealing with thousands of housing applications in the Northgate Housing management solution.

Is Robotics the same as AI?


The best AI platforms include machine learning, automation, natural language processing (NLP) and cloud infrastructure. Robotics, often referred to as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), are often used for the Automation capability. Leading RPA tools are pre-integrated with AI platforms, enabling AI decision making to be integrated into existing business processes & IT Systems.



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“T-Impact provided on-site expertise that helped facilitate the design and build of our process repository, taxonomy and standards; knowledge and understanding was effectively transferred to our own teams, enabling in-house capability to be established quickly.”

Barclaycard, Head of Change