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10 September | 11.00 BST

Understand, prioritise and accelerate your automation journey


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All Public Sector and Healthcare organisations are facing unprecedented challenges, with significant budget deficits, and the need to deliver more for less.

To innovate, you need to understand and measure your current operation but – where do you start?  Empower your teams to input ideas and suggestions, improve services and reduce costs.

This exclusive on-line event on 10th September 2020 at 11.00 BST aims to show you some ways of helping address some of the challenges you face.  We will provide:

  • A summary of how technology can help you understand what your people do and the value they provide
  • Prioritise transformation based on costs and benefits you can deliver
  • Accelerate transformation decision making and get your team started
  • Understanding how to shift the mindset of your organisation and build support for the changes to deliver the promised value

You need to understand and measure your residents’ and patients’ needs, building one view of the ‘customer’. Delivering services digitally in a way that appeals to your customers, will reduce your overall cost of service delivery. You will also free up resources who can focus on new and innovative ways to deliver services, creating a more efficient, cost effective and safer environment for all. Once you have evidence of your customers needs, you can work with partners to find smarter ways of working.

  • You could start with the processes that residents, or patients and internal customers complain about most or the ones you think are most expensive to operate.
  • How do you prioritise the rest? Few organisations have the evidence and metrics they need to make these decisions with confidence.
  • You could run workshops to collate data from your staff & correlate this with your IT system data but that would be time consuming and expensive. There is a better way.

Process Discovery tools enable you to “crowd source” the knowledge across your team and automatically extract metrics from systems and staff behaviour and we’ll demonstrate during the event how these work.

This session is designed for decision makers, to help them plan their Digital Transformation, approach & tooling.

It would be great to see you at this online-event, sponsored by UiPath, T-Impact & Cadence Innova.



Dean Murphy from UiPath will provide an introduction to the process mining tools using live demonstrations.  See how Task Mining can find the highly repetitive tasks performed by teams in your organisation.  Process Mining can help to identify, visualise and understand where the bottlenecks are in your business and also measure the improvements that Automation can deliver.  Why not crowd-source the Automation ideas in your business straight from the people who know best – those doing the work.  Finally he’ll show you how you can quickly document your processes to speed up the delivery of Automation.


Keith Stagner will share T-Impact’s approach on how to prepare your best business case with an implementation roadmap to enable identification of the best processes to automate to provide a better understanding to your organisation and gain support from stakeholders.

Cadence Innova

Technical transformation can result in a tendency to focus on the technology and not what is happening within the organisation, with no time being spent on people.  Simon argues that the key to success is to instead focus on the customer and the people delivering the services and take them on a change journey, so the customer experience is transformed – but what does this mean?

Simon Jones will discuss how to frame a manageable approach for successful change.

Jane Barrett & Elaine Griffin will also be joining the panel for Q&A.

Dean Murphy

Snr Pre-sales Technical Consultant, UiPath

Keith Stagner

CEO, T-Impact

Simon Jones

Managing Consultant - Transformation, Cadence Innova

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