2ND DECEMBER 2021 - 16.30 GMT
Exclusive Event: Resolve labour shortages - fast & cost effective automation

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In the new high-skill, high-wage economy, your access to low-cost foreign labour has substantially deteriorated.

The result: increased staffing costs, inflation, recruitment challenges and reduces profit margins.

Join our 30 minute event and learn how to achieve the benefits below without risk & quickly achieve a positive return-on-investment

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You know you need to automate to reduce the number of staff required but where do you start? In this event we will show you

  • a fast and easy way to automate work
  • how to eliminate the need to hire more staff
  • reducing your operational costs and improve margins
  • how easy it is to automate work your staff perform today, quickly and easily, without replacing your existing systems
  • Real-life case study and see how other government, healthcare & housing organisations are achieving rapid returns on their Intelligent Automation investment.
  • How you can achieve a £125,000 cost saving too

Hear more about T-Impact from our Clients


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Keith Stagner



Keith has over 35 years experience implementing complex change programmes across Local Councils, the NHS, Emergency Response Teams, Healthcare & Housing Associations and Commercial Organisations. His expertise is in delivering service & operational improvements, supported with digital technologies, such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), chatbots, AI and workflow.


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Marco Marcevski


Technical Lead

Marko has over 15 years of experience of designing and implementing solutions in RPA, AI and BPMS/ODM for multiple Local Authorities, NHS organisations and Housing Associations, predominantly delivering professional services on vendor and partner led projects.  Marko will demonstrate the latest technologies during this event, showing how they can be integrated into your existing technologies, delivering exponential value.

How do I know whether to use

Chatbots, RPA or AI?


Each has specific uses and design patterns. They can be customised and integrated to serve most any purpose but this creates a fragile & expensive solution that can significantly increase your operational costs.



We love a challenge! Tell us what you want to achieve – 

we will help you design a solution. 

“T-Impact brought the knowledge of the technology, the expertise in how to make it work effectively… to enable us to integrate it with our existing capabilities and our existing tool-sets and really provide a seamless experience for our staff.”

NHS BT, Chief Digital Officer