RPA and Northgate Housing

How RPA helped staff alleviate pressures from dealing with thousands of housing applications in the Northgate Housing management solution.

The human workforce of an organisation are their most valuable and most expensive assets therefore, it is imperative that they are used to the best of their ability. This means removing repetitive and mundane tasks that are demotivating, so that the human workforce can be deployed into intellectual tasks.

This council wasn’t any different, they sought to improve the efficiency of their back-office operations across thematic areas by utilising intelligent automation to increase efficiencies and improve customer journey. In addition, the council required knowledge transfer to enable them plan and build RPAs across the business.

Our approach

We applied a phased/agile approach to automate the processing of pending housing applications by integrating our intelligent automation solution and Northgate Housing management solution.

Working with the Subject Matter Experts (SME) and technical experts of the housing application, T-Impact’s RPA consultants carefully analysed the existing pending application process to fully understand and document the requirements of the automated process, as this fed into the development of the RPA solution.

The RPA solution which involved an integration with the housing solution – Northgate – to process pending applications, was designed and developed based on the approved requirements. T-Impact’s consultants demonstrated the solution to the business in two playback sessions. The first session presented the ‘Happy path’ while the second session presented the complete automated process with all exceptions defined

As part of the development, T-Impact’s engineers tested the robot, and following the approval of the playbacks, T-Impact delivered the solution for User Acceptance Testing (UAT). This was after organising a Train the tester session.

The Northgate robot was implemented and deployed to production after the UAT and change approval requirements were fulfilled.

Centre of Excellence

In response to the councils request for knowledge transfer, T-Impact offered a structured Centre of Excellence (CoE) program following their 3 step approach

Step 1: Establish CoE

T-Impact provided training and designed the CoE organisation, providing Methods & configuration templates that helped the council with RPA project delivery. The training involved a simulated project delivery for the council’s staff to practice the skills they learned, while supported by T-Impact’s trainers.

Step 2: Knowledge Management

T-Impact’s RPA specialists provided advanced training and then worked alongside the council’s team in a co-sourced staffing model to deliver subsequent RPA projects in 3 phases:

Phase 1

T-Impact performed all RPA delivery roles, while the council’s technical team participated in all decisions and review of deliverables

Phase 2

T-Impact performed project management and business analysis tasks while with supervision from T-Impact developers, the council’s technical team configured the solution.

Phase 3
The council’s technical team led the project and performed the delivery work while T-Impact’s developers were available to ensure quality of the delivery.

Solution Sustainability

To mitigate the risk of losing the trained staff to competition, T-Impact’s specialist team worked with the council’s senior leadership team and created a common repository of knowledge so that if required, T-Impact’s staff were equipped to respond quickly to changes or incidents in the councils Digital Transformation projects.

Business Gains

Through the integration of Intelligent Automation & Northgate housing system, thousands of pending housing applications are now processed by the Northgate robot by a fraction of the time spent by the human workforce. Staff morale is on the rise as they are now engaged in more intellectual tasks for the council.

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