Smart Procurement Event

Smart Procurement - Intelligent Automation without risk!

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     Innovate | Increase productivity | Reduce reliance on expensive and uncertain labour market

If you didn’t make the live event on 21st September, you can catch up with the on-demand recording here

Through real stories about real projects, learn how colleagues in Local Authorities, the NHS, Healthcare and Housing Associations have overcome obstacles to deliver success.  Using real-life case studies, understand how they achieved rapid returns on Intelligent Automation investment.

We will demonstrate how the latest digital technologies are integrated to deliver exponential value. Use this to develop your vision for an informed approach to digital transformation in your context, using proven technology and tested approaches.


  • Transformation challenges that Intelligent Automation can help resolve
  • Standard tools and design patterns simplify your Intelligent Automation procurement
  • Real world problems: Challenges, solutions & benefits
  • Demonstration: Art of the Possible – easy integration with your existing IT Systems, e.g. Liquid Logic & Northgate
  • Identifying, measuring and reporting the return on your investment – Process Mining & Benefit Dashboards
  • How automation can help support multi-cultural communities & extend service hours

Why this should matter to you …

Labour shortages and reduced public sector revenue means that services will need to be delivered more efficiently and ideally automated wherever possible. UK job vacancies are at a record high – according to both the ONS (18th August 2021 announcement) & Bank of England. Wages will increase to address labour shortages. Meanwhile many local businesses will shut – accelerated by tough fiscal policy – impacting public sector income (council tax, business rates, etc.).

Housing, Government and Healthcare organisations need to innovate – but face cultural & structural obstacles. Processes designed to minimise risk and protect “value for money” can back fire– causing huge delays and increasing costs. Political and media pressures encourage caution over results.

Public sector need to understand the technology, its impact on customers and the value it can deliver. This is about taking an intelligent approach to procurement and being informed about implementation:

  • Getting better returns for less money can’t lie solely with procurement.
  • Buying integrated solutions & services from collaborating partners, rather than piecemeal solutions your team struggle to integrate
  • Planning procurement to lock in recurring savings by sourcing suppliers who help you innovate, improve service standards and reduce operating costs.
  • Supplier benefits need to be quantified and reported regularly to improve spend management in real time for informed decisions
  • To do this you need an to understand the technology and how to apply it. This means either:
  • Relying on your people to assess technology tools and learn how to use it, increases your risk and costs, while taking them away from the value expected from their day jobs
  • Or engaging specialists who understand the technology to accelerate your journey and build your internal capability for a sustainable transformation journey.

T-Impact specialise in Intelligent Automation and have selected & pre-integrated the tools and services you need to fast-track your transformation. Deliver positive returns within 6 months and accelerate this return as you expand use. This includes rapid benefits identification and reporting – using process mining and benefits dashboards.

Join our event and we will show you how to achieve these benefits without risk & demonstrate a positive return-on-investment.


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Chris Duddridge


Vice President, Sales

Chris heads up Soroco in EMEA with the mission to help organizations with discovery-led Automation, and achieve their best from people, processes, and technologies. With 20+ years of experience in Enterprise Software, his last 5 years have been focused on supporting organizations of all sizes to transform their employee and customer experiences with the use of the latest intelligent automation and process discovery tools. He is the former MD for UiPath in the UK and Ireland and has expertise in task mining, process mining, process transformation, and automation.
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Keith Stagner



Keith has over 35 years experience implementing complex change programmes across Local Councils, the NHS, Emergency Response Teams, Healthcare & Housing Associations and Commercial Organisations. His expertise is in delivering service & operational improvements, supported with digital technologies, such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), chatbots, AI and workflow.
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Marco Marcevski


Technical Lead

Marko has over 15 years of experience of designing and implementing solutions in RPA, AI and BPMS/ODM for multiple Local Authorities, NHS organisations and Housing Associations, predominantly delivering professional services on vendor and partner led projects.  Marko will demonstrate the latest technologies during this event, showing how they can be integrated into your existing technologies, delivering exponential value.
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Patrick Hosch

We Build Bots

Chief Commercial Officer

Patrick has spent over 15 years in the software automation space building partner success programs, teams and networks at global technology vendors like Automation Anywhere and Nintex as well as startups to drive growth, customer and partner success and increase indirect revenues. In his current role at We Build Bots, the company behind IntelAgent, a conversational AI platform, he oversees the commercial and product strategy as well as building WBB’s partner network.

How do I know whether to use

Chatbots, RPA or AI?


Each has specific uses and design patterns. They can be customised and integrated to serve most any purpose but this creates a fragile & expensive solution that can significantly increase your operational costs.



We love a challenge! Tell us what you want to achieve – 

we will help you design a solution. 

“T-Impact brought the knowledge of the technology, the expertise in how to make it work effectively… to enable us to integrate it with our existing capabilities and our existing tool-sets and really provide a seamless experience for our staff.”

NHS BT, Chief Digital Officer