Unleash the power of Intelligent Automation – Event

Unleash the power of Intelligent Automation

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Intelligent Automation has HUGE potential to improve and automate work normally performed by staff. Understand how this can transform your business, enabling you to achieve things that were not possible before.

T-Impact can guarantee your success and deliver results in 6 to 8 weeks. Unleash the power of Intelligent Automation across your organisation.

Why you should attend

  • Gain an executive overview of Intelligent Automation
  • Learn how to leverage these tools to improve your business
  • See how IA tools eliminate typical project blockers, identifying evidence based benefits
  • Understand how you can set up your own Intelligent Automation programme and delivery team
  • See an Intelligent Automation solution running, from end-to-end
  • Learn from other’s mistakes and avoid the risks and pitfalls common with these programmes
  • Get access to trials, free licences, Proof of Concept credits, guides, and discounts on pre-built solutions that can deliver value in days

Expected Benefits of Digital Automation

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Intelligent Automation tools

Use these individually or combine them for even more powerful results – delivered in weeks, not months

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Phil Pentland


EMEA Partner Manager

At Soroco, Phil is leading the partner and alliances program in EMEA, taking particular delight in the frequent “Wow!” moment when clients realise they can at last make better data-driven decisions, faster.  Phil has been selling enterprise technology solutions for over 20 years, specifically in the Business Process domain for the past 3+ years at Signavio, SAP, and now Soroco.  He has experience of delivering transformation projects across all vertical sectors, from Fortune 50 global organisations to UK SMEs.  He has a MSc in Engineering from UCL and a Certificate in Process Mining from TU/e, and is passionate about helping organisations find business value through innovative technologies.

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Keith Stagner



Keith has over 35 years experience implementing complex change programmes across Local Councils, the NHS, Emergency Response Teams, Healthcare & Housing Associations and Commercial Organisations. His expertise is in delivering service & operational improvements, supported with digital technologies, such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), chatbots, AI and workflow.
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Andrew Gildenberg


Sr. Product Manager, Intelligent Automation

Andrew is a Snr Product Manager is Amazon’s Treasury Technology team, specialising in Intelligent Automation.  Andrew’s team leads the implementation and employee upskilling efforts for low-code and Intelligent Automation tools internally for Amazon’s Treasure & Risk Management organisations.  Prior to joining Amazon, Andrew worked as a Technology Consultant at PwC where he helped Financial Services and TMT clients stand up and scale their Intelligent Automation programs.

T-Impact unleashes the power and potential of digital transformation and puts it at the heart of your organisation – quickly delivering tangible value that differentiates your business and delivers financial returns. We use the latest Intelligent Automation technology to improve and automate your processes. We are a recognised thought leader in benefit driven automation, delivering evidence of benefits delivered and tangible results – success guaranteed.

We work with thought-leading partners such as Soroco, UiPath and Amazon Web Services to deliver our services. Our solutions are available on most public procurement frameworks.

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How do I know whether to use
Chatbots, RPA or AI?

Each has specific uses and design patterns. They can be customised and integrated to serve almost any purpose but this can create a fragile & expensive solution that could significantly increase your operational costs without expertise.

We love a challenge! Tell us what you want to achieve -
we will help you design a solution.

“T-Impact brought the knowledge of the technology, the expertise in how to make it work effectively… to enable us to integrate it with our existing capabilities and our existing tool-sets and really provide a seamless experience for our staff.”

NHS BT, Chief Digital Officer