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Our bundle offers allow you to balance risks and costs, choose the bundle that best meets your needs.

Every bundle contains 2 pre-built RPA workflows solutions, for use on the UiPath RPA Platform. See below for full details of what’s in the bot bundles.

RPA Platform subscription and Cloud infrastructure pack are 12 month subscriptions. Configuration, Support & Service Transition packs are prepaid professional service bundles with sufficient days for standard implementations. Year 2+ pricing will be lower, contact us for details.

Please enquire if you would like more information on the range of additional prebuilt and bespoke solutions we can provide.

See below to see full details of what's included in our bot bundles

What's in the bot bundles

Pre-built RPA Solutions

Choose any 2 of the following prebuilt RPA solutions:

 – Debt Collection Bot

 – Direct Debit Processing Bot

 – Accounts Receivable Bot

 – Accounts Payable Bot

RPA Platform

Everything you need to run your RPA solution and document your customer journey.

You receive a 12 month subscription for the world’s best RPA and journey mapping tools:

 – UiPath Cloud Orchestrated Unattended Robot

 – UiPath Cloud Orchestrated RPA Developer – Named User

 – UiPath Cloud Orchestrater

 – IBM Blueworks Live Editor Licence

We provide the professional support to ensure that your tools are installed and configured to access your existing IT systems. We also install the prebuilt solution onto your RPA Platform:

 – UiPath Tools set-up, up to 3 days support

Cloud Infrastructure Pack

We have pre-configured the cloud infrastructure needed to support your solution.

You receive a 12 month subscription for Amazon Web Services (AWS) industry leading cloud infrastructure:

 – AWS EC2 environment (for production)

 – AWS EC2 environment (for Development & Test)

We provide the professional support to ensure that your tools are installed and configured to access your existing IT systems

 – AWS Configuration Support, up to 2 days support

Configuration Pack

We understand that you might use different IT systems and may have different business rules. This pack includes 10 days of professional services support for each of the 2 bots.

We will work with your team to map your current way of working, compare to our best practice solution and identifying what changes are required. We will then configure the solution to deliver them.

Support Pack

Once your solution is live, you may have new ideas on how to improve it or the systems it access may change. 

Our team will resolve any incidents and change orders. They will also monitor your solution, ensuring it is working and evaluating the audit log to proactively suggest how it can add more value to your organization.

Service Transition Pack

Implementing a new technology enables you to review and improve your overall service offering. 

Our service transition pack will help you ensure you are providing the best service at optimal efficiency. We have included a pack of 18 professional services days to support you with:

 – Role sizing and re-design

 – Service performance management, defining KPI’s and reporting

 – Update governance to accommodate new service capabilities

 – Implementation training and transition review, ensuring capabilities in place to operate solutions


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Rapid service transition

Increased Service Quality



  • Improving Services can take years/months. Our pre-built solutions enable you to reduce this to weeks.
  • Updating/replacing legacy IT Systems is risky and expensive. We work with the systems you have today, they can even extend the life of your existing systems
  • Faster and cheaper than manual work. Our solutions can be deployed faster than you can recruit, train and manage permanent or agency staff.
  • Our solutions are proven and working today in other Local Councils – giving quick and practical results.


  • Resolve backlogs and issues faster, reducing levels of complaints affecting Council services
  • Service isn’t dependent on staff – no sickness, annual leave, absenteeism
  • 24/7 service model – Robots run continuously if required
  • Consistently applies your proceedures across all IT Systems with zero data entry errors
  • Infinitely scalable at reasonable costs. Flexible to meet peak demands
  • Reduce stress for your teams, improving working environments


  • Greater transparency and compliance reporting to support any future disputes
  • Understand what must be done for statutory compliance and where effort can be reduced
  • Practical approach to realise your Digital Transformation goals


  • Reduce service costs
  • Eliminate temporary staffing costs
  • Cheaper to implement new improvements now and in the future                            .


Debt Collection

This automated RPA workflow collects Enforcement Agencies emails, extracting EA reports and spreadsheets, verifying the transfer transaction against balances and transactions.  Once verified the Robot then transfers funds to client accounts and updates Systems.

Key Features

  • Monitors email accounts and extracts spreadsheet reports from Enforcement Agencies.
  • Checks the Finance application to determine if the full enforcement has been received.
  • Once full amount received, funds are allocated to the Revenue and Benefits system.
  • Verifies the transfer transaction against balance and transactions.
  • Transfers money to the individual clients account, verifying the result.

Previously a time consuming, manual task which required daily effort from numerous Council staff.  This solution reduces financial loss and improves data accuracy, resulting in increased revenue.

Implemented for a London Council and is currently working with Paris, Academy and Outlook.  It can be quickly configured to work with any Revenue and Benefit, ERP or Finance System and doesn’t require any changes to your existing systems.

Direct Debit Processing

This RPA workflow processes direct debit instructions which are not automatically matched to your existing Finance Systems.  The Robot deals with the most common exceptions, such as matching names in different formats across your IT Systems.

Key Features

  • Eliminates duplicate direct debit instructions.
  • Applies sophisticated “fuzzy logic” name matching between systems, considering abbreviations and different combinations of names.
  • Reduces the risk of duplicate resident records.
  • Ensures no duplicate charges are applied.
  • Automated pro-rated calculations, re-calculating based on direct debit date.
  • Automated calculation of direct debit charges.
  • Automated posting to finance system for direct debit collections.

Implemented for a London Council and is currently working with Academy and Outlook.  It can be quickly configured to work with any Revenue and Benefit, ERP or Finance System and doesn’t require and changes to your existing systems. 

Accounts Payable

Streamline payment processing for Accounts Payable, reducing manual effort, improving data quality and eliminating payment errors. Our Robot extracts supplier invoices and bills from sources such as emails, file folders and IT systems. Rigorous system checks are performed consistently across all invoices. Advanced account and PO matching ensures that your finance/ERP systems have the most accurate and up to date information. A final report confirms the work which has been completed and the exceptional items sent to your staff for review.

Key Features

  • Collects all incoming invoices and files in one place.
  • Identifies invoices/bills without a PO number.
  • Applies business rules to determine if a PO should be raised in your ERP/Finance System, raising a PO as required.
  • Performs validation checks.
  • Performs financial system coding.
  • Posts transactions into your Finance System for final payment processing based on the suppliers terms.
  • Produces a report for Finance Department.

Implemented for Councils in the Home Counties and is currently working with Unit4 Business World Agresso.  It can be quickly configured to work with any ERP or Finance System and doesn’t require any changes to your current systems.


Accounts Receivable

Our solution automatically matches receivables to detailed accounts of unpaid billings.  Using receivables data downloaded from your provider, our solution applies consistent validation and controls checks for BACS, credit cards and cheque receivables. The solution can also be applied to e-payment platforms such as PayPal.

Key Features

  • Automatically extracts data from your finance providers downloaded files or reports.
  • Eliminates duplicate allocation of receivables.
  • Eliminates errors in receivables allocation and amounts.
  • Applies sophisticated matching logic to apply receivable to correct unpaid bill.
  • Configurable business rules define how matching occurs.
  • Supports default matching rules when matching data rules cannot be resolved.
  • Supports matching by PO number and invoice number.
  • Automated posting to Finance System.

Automating receivable processing ensures 100% consistency and data accuracy in your finance or ERP systems. Receivables are processed more quickly, reducing enquiries and ensuring more accurate management information.

Implemented for a Home Counties logistics firm and is currently working with Coda and Outlook. It can be quickly configured to work with any banking, Revenue and Benefits, ERP or Finance System and doesn’t require any changes to your systems.

*Available from Q4 2020*

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