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Improve communities by putting people first

Generate and release income to improve living conditions and help your communities reach their full potential.

T-Impact & Cadence Innova have partnered to help local Councils re-imagine and automate services using Robots and AI.

The following live examples illustrate how you can generate millions of new revenue and slash operating costs.

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Private Rented Sector Licensing

Licensing allows councils to improve property standards, making communities safer & better for residents. We understand the full licensing lifecycle, from determining eligibility, through navigating the shaping of scheme objectives, getting council agreement and approval from the Secretary of State (MHCLG) to full implementation of an efficient service.

With our partners we can provide the complete change wrapper.  Working with you through approval to designing and successfully implementing a digitally enabled operation.  We know the implications of being able to efficiently deal with applications through to enforcement. Our robots can automate much of the work, reducing your costs and increasing service quality and capability.

We are helping London Councils generate millions of pounds to invest in improving the living conditions of some of their most vulnerable residents and key workers.  Using automation and service design to significantly reduce operating costs and releasing staff from repetitive mundane tasks.’

Process Rent Increases

Manage landlord and housing association requests for rent adjustments, freeing your staff to work on higher value activities. Ensure all checks and rules are applied consistently and evidence is available to address any disputes. Implemented for councils in London and North-East, this solution has saved hundreds of hours of labour. Our solution is currently working with Orchard & Academy housing systems. 

Enhance Housing Data

Housing archives contain valuable information that can enable councils to generate new revenue from tenant recharges, succession rent reviews & increased central & county funding.  This data can also help avoid preparation, losses and compensation claim expenses for court cases and tribunals. Archive housing data can also create GDPR retention and SAR breachesImplemented for an East England council, this solution is expected to generate/save £300,000 over the next 5 years. 

Social Housing – Moves In & Out

Housing move forms can cause billing delays, impacting revenue & cashflow. Our Robots can clear your backlog of move requests, dealing with all but the most complex scenarios. Moves are entered into your housing/billing systems, such as Academy & e-bill and correspondence is sent automatically to both occupier & landlord. Designed for a North West city council, this solution is expected to eliminate work backlogs & billing lead time from 10 days to 1. Staff will be freeto focus on complex cases and improvcouncil services to the community. 

Automate Housing Benefit Cases 

Create contact cases & populate with data from email attachments & excel files. Ensure housing, finance and social care systems are updated consistently and data is aligned.  Our solution is currently working with Aareon Housing Management software.


Improve the quality of rented accommodation impacting the vulnerable, BAME & Key Workers

Multi-agency partnering links agents, landlords, tenants, border control, HMRC, police & fire services and homeless services

Tackle underlying inequalities further highlighted in the pandemic

Private Sector Licensing is cost neutral with revenue generating opportunities for your borough

Support residents to flourish, contributing to healthy & successful communities

Faster resolution of issues, reducing levels of complaints affecting Council services

Provide evidence for social value – core government initiative

Improve private rented sector accommodation to support economic growth in your area

RPA Benefits – Deliver more for less cost

Automate work backlog, including expected increase in demand from Covid-19 disruption

Fast to deploy, faster than hiring temporary staff

Gives more options, enabling you to mitigate impacts that difficult decisions may have on citizens and staff

Improve tracking, compliance reporting and insights

Resolve application backlogs without hiring additional staff

Move to 24 hour, 7 day a week service model

Improve service quality and accuracy

T-Impact & Cadence Innova are experienced suppliers and partners in the Local Government sector and are registered as an official provider for several government procurement frameworks for delivering public services online on standardised contracts. By doing this, Local Authorities can access scalable, agile and innovative solutions, whilst benefiting from cost-efficient, speedy and simple-to-implement processes.

You can find us on the following portals: G-Cloud, Digital Marketplace, Sparks, Bloom and TS2.



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