Subscription Model

The Subscription model that we offer is unmatched by any other RPA or Digital Transformation provider. As the first company to offer both RPA as a service and Orchestrator as a service, we understand the importance of securing results quickly whilst building a strong business case to help facilitate further expansion.

The graphs below demonstrate the difference of return on investment between the two most popular models for implementing RPA solutions.



Time and Materials


Invest less than £10K up front

Generate returns of 75% in month 3

Generate 180% returns thereafter.

Benefit assumptions :

  • £3K first month
  • £5K subsequent months

Cost assumptions :

  • £7.5K set-up
  • £1.75K monthly

Other information

  • Support included
  • Hosting excluded

Time and Materials

Time & Material projects require significant investment with NO GUARANTEE of success

In our example, if you invest £350,000 up front, you will only see a 35% return after 34 months

Benefit assumptions :

  • £3K first month
  • £5K subsequent months

Cost assumptions:

  • 10 x £10K licenses
  • 10 x £25K implementations

Other information:

  • Support excluded
  • Hosting excluded

What is included in our RPA Service model?

Our RPA as a service offering includes:

Development Licenses

T-Impact will provide all development licenses for any RPAaaS subscriptions you purchase from us. You won’t need to purchase any development licenses, and our team uses a combination of the following licenses during development:

  • UiPath Studio – Robotics Development
  • Bit Bucket – Code repository and Version Management
  • Jira – Agile delivery tooling
  • Jira support – Incident & enhancement management
  • Selenium, Cucumber and Jmeter – Testing

Runtime Licenses

T-Impact provide the UiPath attended, unattended or Orchestrator license within your RPAaaS subscription.

As a UiPath BPO provider, we manage the estate of licenses and accept the commercial risks if a subscription is cancelled after 3 months.

You are not required to buy any UiPath runtime licenses.

Development Services

We can provide the following development services:

  • Robotic Analysis
  • Robotic Design
  • Robotic Build
  • Robotic Test
  • Hypercare


Our RPA as a Service includes 4 hours of support for every subscription each month. All events can be reported 24/7 on our Jira Defect Management System.

Standard support is free and your support hours will be 9am to 5pm for your subscription’s timezone. We offer a flexible utilisation model so under-utilized hours can be carried forward for 3 months, whilst over-utilisation will never affect severity 1 incidents.

The benefits of T-Impact’s unique RPA as a service  

Rapid ROI

No Risk

Fast implementation


We finance up-front costs & only break even if solution is used

Most customers are ROI positive within 3 months

Business case & benefits reporting included in the price

No long term commitments

We take full accountability for delivery of a solution that works for you

Low cost option to trial RPA

Projects usually implemented within weeks

Dependencies are clear and easy to assign

An opportunity to do something special & exciting

Demonstrate your vision and ambition to both peers & competitors

Protect the future of your organisations and jobs within it

T Impact’s Subscription Model

Avoid large upfront fees with our subscription model.

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