Subscription Model

We understand the importance of demonstrating a financial return quickly to secure support for your Robotics programme. You will only win the hearts and minds of your stakeholders when they can see Robotics working in your business and generating real returns. We designed our subscription models to ensure your first implementation is a success and help you support for your Digital Workforce.

T-Impact were the first company in the world to offer RPA as a service. We have lots of imitators now but our Subscription model is unmatched by any other RPA or Digital Transformation provider. We bundled together the licenses, services and support you need to ensure success. We provide financing for your investment, taking most of the risks, so you can achieve a return on your investment quickly – often years sooner than from our competitors.

We are also the first firm company in the world to offer Orchestrator as a service, we have bundled and preconfigured licenses, cloud hosting, services and support to give you the world’s most advanced Robot Orchestration 70% cheaper than if you bought the licenses yourself.

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Most RPA specialists, including the very big ones, ask the customer to take the project risks or share the rewards. Some vendors ask customer to commit to 10 Robots up front. This is typically an upfront investment of £350,000 for license and services. If you add 20% for support, maintenance and annual license costs, it would take nearly 3 years to break even on your investment – even if every Robot was generating £7K of benefit every month. That means every Robot would have to do the work of 2-3 onshore staff or nearly 10 offshore staff!

Our subscription model works differently. We pay the upfront costs and take the risks. We only ask for a small set-up fee and a 3-month commitment. After that, you can cancel the subscription with 1 months notice. We know we will lose money on most subscriptions if they aren’t continued for 12 months, so we work really hard to ensure you love your Robot and help you measure the benefits you receive. If you generate £7K of benefits with Dolores, our subscription for small processes, you would achieve ROI in the 2nd month and nearly 400% ROI every month thereafter.

Would you invest £350K of your own money into stocks, that lose money for nearly 3 years?

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Invest less than £10K up front, generate ROI in month 2 and generate 400% returns thereafter.

Benefit assumptions: £3.5K first month, £7K subsequent months

Cost assumptions: £7.5K set-up, £1.75K monthly

Other information: Support included, Hosting excluded


Time & Material projects require significant investment with NO GUARANTEE of success.

Only generate an ROI of 20% in month 33.

Benefit assumptions: £3.5K first month, £7K subsequent months

Cost assumptions: 10 x £10K licenses, 10 x £25K implementations, 20% Support per month

Other information: Support included, Hosting excluded

What is included in our RPA Service model?

Our RPA as a service offering includes:

Development Licenses

We provide all the development licenses needed to implement your Robotic solution. You won’t need to purchase any, a significant cost saving. Our Robots are built using the best technology and the market leader, UIPath. We also use our own development tools for code repository, incident management, testing, and agile delivery management.

Runtime Licenses

T-Impact provide the UiPath licenses you need for your Robotics subscription.

As a UiPath preferred BPO provider, we manage the estate of licenses and accept the commercial risks if a subscription is cancelled after 3 months.

You are not required to buy any UiPath runtime licenses.

Development Services

We take full responsibility for designing and delivering your Robot, this includes the benefits analysis, process capture & quick wins, Design, Build, Test and Deploy. We only need you to arrange connectivity/access, decide on your business rules and acceptance test your Robot. If you don’t have the skills or staff for any of these, we can take responsibility for a small additional fee.


Once your Robot is in production, we will continue to support you. Every month, you have a support allocation for us to monitor your Robot, resolve incidents, make enhancements & provide reports. If you notice a problem with your Robot before we do, they can be reported 24/7 on our on-line Defect Management System. We can also offer Premium support & Support Blocks for a small additional charge. If you buy a Sarah subscription you will also get enhanced monitoring and reporting.

If you would like details regarding the support allotment and service levels, contact one of our team.

The benefits of T-Impact’s unique RPA as a service  

Benefits Analysis

Rapid ROI

No Risk

Fast implementation


T-Impact’s benefits analysis is focused around finding the areas robotics can best add value, including cost savings and opportunity costs.

We’ll estimate the value of the benefits and provide a clear ROI analysis for breaking even.

Avoid high up front fees, where you won’t get a ROI for 2-3 years. Most of our customers achieve a significant ROI within 3 months, and every month after.

We work hard to make it easy for you to invest in Robotics. We take full accountability for delivery. We finance your up-front costs and don’t ask for long term commitments. Our objectives are aligned with yours and we need you to use your Robot for many months before we make any profit.

Our subscriptions are a low cost option to trial RPA and usually cheaper than building an in house team.

Our projects are usually implemented within weeks or getting access to your IT systems. We give you clarity on what you need to do beforehand, so it is easy to prepare. If you don’t have the skills or staff, we can help.

This is an opportunity to do something special & exciting. Demonstrate your vision & ambition to both peers and competitors.

Don’t wait for your competitors to improve productivity using a Digital Workforce, beat them to it to protect the future of your organisation and the jobs within it.







Dolores is a quick learner and is great working with humans. All she wants to do is understand their problems and help take these challenges off their plate, so that they can focus on the work that humans do best!

Dolores can deal with small processes, is best deployed ‘on premises’ or ‘on the Cloud’ and comes with a UiPath attended license.


Hector wasn’t blessed with Dolores’ social skills. While Dolores prefers to collaborate with humans, Hector just knuckles down and gets the job done. Day or night, Hector always has his mind on the job.  Not the most social of robots, but an absolute workhorse!

Hector normally deals with medium processes but can be supplemented to deal with the most complex ones, too. He can be deployed ‘on premises’ or ‘on the Cloud’ and comes with a UiPath unattended license. He is best used with a Robotic orchestrator, like Sarah, who can allocate his work, monitor service levels and report benefits achieved.


A great organiser, Sarah coordinates your Hectors, ensuring they’re always working well together and delivering the results that really matter. She is an essential member of your Digital Workforce.

Sarah assigns work to your Robots and monitors their performance 24 hours a day. She can also show you the service levels and benefits you Robots are achieving. Sarah has a web-based control centre that allows you to securely access your Robots from a smartphone or mobile device. You can now control your digital workforce while sitting at home on your couch!

Sarah is T-Impact’s unique implementation of a UIPath Orchestrator and is only available on T-Impact’s UK Cloud environment. We have pre-packaged all the capability you need and support multiple customers from the same instance. This allows us to offer you the world’s most advanced Robotic Orchestrator 70% cheaper than buying the individual licenses yourself. We ensure you share the cost … while protecting your security and data.

The subscription includes UIPath Orchestrator, Microsoft Azure, Elastic search & Kibana dashboard along with support to ensure it is customised for you and continues to meet your needs. Key capabilities include auto-queue management, monitoring, logging, auto-provision, visual analytics, web-based control centre, and deployment.


Alan is a bit of a bookworm and benefits from a huge (artificial) brain. He loves a good read and can usually be found translating handwritten documents into digital text, (even when it’s taken from an image!).

Alan is only available from T-Impact, combining the power of UIPath RPA with Microsoft AI Vision handwriting analysis.*

*includes up to 10,000 data field translations per month

T Impact’s Subscription Model

We finance your project, enabling you to achieve a return-on-investment within weeks not years. Prove the benefits in your organisation to build support for your Digital Work Force.

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