Take advantage of T-Impact & UiPath’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday offer!

November 21, 2018 | Digital Transformation | Robotics

T-Impact Black Friday Cyber Monday sale


Black Friday is always a popular time to shop for technology, but rather than buying an extra coffee machine, why not future-proof your organisation, greatly enhance your survival prospects and begin to reap the benefits of automation across your business?

Take advantage of T-Impact’s unique Black Friday offer and get three months robotic subscription free, when you purchase a prepaid fifteen-month Robotics as a Service subscription. Whether you are looking to convince others of the benefits of robotics, keen to implement your product straight away, or interested in finding out what Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can do for your organisation, T-Impact are the best choice to help digitally transform your organisation for the better.

Our RPA subscription includes support to build a strong business case, whilst minimising overheads and maximising productivity and performance.

With our unique subscription model, you’ll be able to evaluate the value of your robotics quickly, with most firms achieving a ROI of over 180% within the year, based on an initial  £10,000 investment. In contrast, many robotic solutions only achieve a 35% ROI, after three years, not factoring in the opportunity cost of lost time and investment.

We have four different robotic solutions on offer to cover a variety of Front-End and Back-End processes, meaning every single department of your organisation can potentially be freed up by automation. Additionally, our robots track all activity and audit all work, ensuring you can understand exactly what processes have been acted upon and helping you stay compliant with the best working practises wherever possible. And, of course, all our solutions are UiPath-approved and can be scaled up or down to prevent bottlenecks and take maximum advantage of your firm’s new capacity.

Furthermore, by choosing T-Impact as your digital transformation partner, you’ll have access to our dedicated support network who will help you overcome any challenges you encounter or implement any additional features you might require, leaving you with a truly bespoke software product, exactly to your requirements. With the correct programming, this can be done in minutes – imagine how long it would train staff to do this!

Every industry will have to undergo digital transformation to survive and for some sectors, the revolution is already underway – isn’t it time your firm joined them? To take advantage of our Black Friday offer, email sales@t-impact.com or call  (0) 1865 818952  before 1st December to discuss your robotic needs.

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