Robotics in Community Care and Adult Home Care Support


T-Impact work with ambitious local government organisations, looking to maximise efficiencies and improve their citizen services through transformation their digital capabilities. One such example is how robotics can be deployed within Adult Home Care. Speak with one of our experts today to discover how government organisations are using our robotics subscription model to improve their adult care offering and ensure they can drive down costs whilst supporting their citizens’ needs.


Social workers need to be able to swiftly respond to house-bound citizen’s benefit requests. Among these requests are nursing care applications, transport forms and day care arrangements. The documentation is submitted electronically, however the processing team still needs to act on the support requests – filtering out duplicates, approving with the relevant authority, apportioning costs and informing recipients of their decision.

This process is time-consuming and staff become trapped in administration, preventing them from using their potential value in front-end operations.


Robotics can automate the home care support process. This goes beyond chatbots, which some councils use to support customers with completing documents. Forward-thinking councils are taking robotic process automation (RPA) in social care a step further.

By using advanced robotic solutions, the end to end process, including the activities, validations and exception processing, can be automated. Staff are only involved with escalations which exceed the authority granted to the Robot, saving significant staff time, which can be invested into higher value tasks. Robots also swiftly clear backlogs, so every applicant receives their grant in a timely manner.

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