Cleansing and Migrating Data in Robotics


T-Impact work with ambitious organisations seeking to drive change and achieve rapid ROI through digital transformation, and one such example is the use of robotics within the cleansing and migration of data. Speak with one of our experts to learn how companies throughout the UK are using robotics and AI to transform their approach to handling data, ensuring higher levels of compliance whilst drastically reducing costs.


With the new GDPR regulations that have been enforced this year, many firms want to implement new CRM and case management solutions. Data in existing IT systems is often inconsistent, duplicated and/or inaccurate and, as a result, regular processing errors can occur. For industries such as the legal industry, where this data needs to be complete, accurate and up-to-date to meet even basic legislative agreements, this is a huge potential problem. Firms have tried to tackle this issue in the past but the scale of the problem tends to be underestimated and so the anticipated benefits of a new system may not be realised for months, or even years. Forward-thinking firms are solving this issue by implementing robotic solutions to check records on a daily basis, to ensure they comply with strict validation rules. If issues with the data emerge, they can be flagged up automatically to senior staff members to be resolved.


Robots can also be used to migrate data effectively and efficiently. They can read every customer record across multiple IT systems and apply necessary validation rules to cleanse and rectify anomalous data, before entering it correctly into the target system. These solutions can be tailored to exact requirements and solutions can be deployed in weeks, ensuring a rapid return on investment.

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