Licensing and Robotics in Local Councils


T-Impact work with forward thinking local government organisations, seeking to drive efficiency and improve the experience of citizens through digital transformation. One such example is the use of robotics within Licencing. Speak with one of our experts today to learn how other local government organisations are using our robotics subscription model to transform their licensing and ensure they can drive down costs while providing a faster and more accurate service. 

The Problem

Licensing teams in councils often have to deal with similar requests and one of the most frequent is a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) – allowing events to sell alcoholic beverages, serve hot food or provide public entertainment between 11pm and 5am. However, the confusing and complex nature of this application has often been an issue for council staff, resulting in frequent delays. Although some councils have implemented a ten day minimum application process, applicants are often not aware of this and so frustration can be caused, especially for events at short-notice. 

The Solution

Robotic systems can take over the entire licensing process. By utilising automated online chatbots, a council can guide people through the process in a faster and simpler manner, offering support where necessary. Advice can be provided on necessary compliances required for the applicant, so they can ensure their event is lawful and follows all necessary regulation. This improves process speed and leads to greater levels of customer service. 

The robot can fact check all details that have been inputted to flag up any potential concerns or errors. It can then send out automated emails to applicants informing them of the potential issues, minimising the likelihood that an application will be delayed or rejected. If all details are correct, the robot can index and process the request faster, and Licensing Officers can deploy custom rules to automatically approve or reject certificate requests. Finally, the robot can distribute the licenses by digital means on mass, rather than needing customers to visit the council to collect certificates. By deploying this much faster method of working, councils can eliminate TEN backlogs, resulting in a more efficient service and higher quality levels of customer service. 

To learn about our robotics subscription model of for more information on how robotics can help transform your Licensing department, speak with one of our experts today. 

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