Robotics for Housing and Council Tax


T-Impact work with forward-thinking local government organisations, seeking to drive efficiency and improve the experience of citizens through digital transformation. One such example Is the use of robotics within Housing and Council Tax. Speak with one of our experts today to learn how other local government organisations are using our robotics subscription model to transform their Housing and Council Tax departments and ensure they can drive down costs while providing a secure future for their colleagues and citizens. 

The Problem

Changes of address can affect any number of council services, but housing and council tax are particularly impacted by this. Multiple I.T. systems and users are involved in the process of inputting and organising data for housing and staff members must process data for citizens who move into or out of the council, requiring pro-rata billing and benefits to be calculated, as well as citizens who have multiple addresses. Each of these circumstances can increase operational complexity and, as a result, it is difficult to administer and ensure a consistent process across a human workforce. It is inevitable that data entry errors will occur, such as debts being created when not necessary, or owed payments can be wiped rather properly processed. 

The Solution

By using robotics, the time-consuming process of Council Tax address change can be sped up dramatically. Robotics can work faster than any human team and the algorithms can check all data inputs multiple times to a prescribed formula, ensuring that there is no potential for entry error, or duplicated records. Furthermore, as robotics can be integrated seamlessly into existing systems, only one set of data is required. This data can be replicated across all systems, rather than needing multiple counts of entry. In addition to ensuring complete accuracy and consistency, robotics can transform overall productivity, with one robot typically having the same output as approximately 20 staff members. 

In-Borough address changes can also be transformed through RPA procedures. Local authorities have previously been burdened by using multiple systems and out-of-date information, and data regulation changes such as GDPR have caused councils additional worries about compliance. Robotics can look-up data across council repositories, including Master Data Record systems to ensure that all associated record management systems are complete, up-to-date and compliant to regulations, without a need for time-consuming human intervention. 

To learn about our robotics subscription model of for more information on how our robots can help transform your Housing and Council Tax department, speak with one of our experts today. 

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