Licensing and Robotics in Local Councils


T-Impact work with forward-thinking local government organisations, seeking to drive efficiency and improve the experience of citizens through digital transformation. One such example Is the use of robotics within Revenues and Benefits. Speak with one of our experts today to learn how other local government organisations are using our robotics subscription model to transform their Revenues and Benefits departments and ensure they can drive down costs while providing a secure future for their colleagues and citizens. 

The Problem

Revenues and Benefit departments in Local Governments have had to react to the significant changes. As the six original benefits have now been amalgamated into the Universal Credit system (UC), new claimants have to meet the criteria for UC, rather than each of the individual benefits. As a result, councils have to deal with a myriad of challenges. Processes to implement new universal credit applications are time-consuming, labour-intensive and require significant levels of focus in order to prevent any data-entry errors. As information is not automatically shared between existing council systems, data must usually be entered multiple times into different systems and one error can have huge repercussions, such incorrect levels of benefit being paid. To ensure this doesn’t happen, manual checks are carried out, but they are both time-consuming and unrewarding for staff.

The Solution

Robotics can revolutionise this procedure by automating every aspect of universal credit claim, verifying all potential applicants against a strict framework. This ensures that decisions are made fairly and impartially and any changes to claims are not affected by personal bias. By freeing staff from dealing with basic queries, they are able to focus and analyse genuine exceptions. If a pattern is spotted, the machine’s parameters can be updated to incorporate this issue, and the robot then processes this data into all revenue and benefit systems utilised by the council, preventing any data entry errors. Staff are freed from mundane administration, leaving them able to assist citizens on the frontline instead, creating a positive customer experience in both back-end and front-end operations. 

To learn about our robotics subscription model for more information on how our robots can help transform your Revenues and Benefit department, speak with one of our experts today. 

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