An Introduction to Robotic Process Automation

With increasing pressures across all sectors from the unprecedented situation with Covid-19 Robotic Process Automation has never been more relevant.

But what is Robotic Process Automation, how does RPA work and why use it?  In our series of sector specific introductory webinars we cover;

Robotic Process Automation Explained

Why use RPA

How RPA works for your sector

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation to your business and staff

And much more

You do not need to be a technical person to attend these free of charge webinars, you and your colleagues can benefit from this introduction to RPA helping you to understand the potential strategic implications of robotics for your organisation.

Upcoming Dates:

An Introduction to RPA for Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Wednesday 22nd April 2020

An Introduction to RPA for Manufacturing – Thursday 23rd April 2020

Covid -19: RPA Initiatives for Local Government – Wednesday 28th April 2020

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